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Avante understands that it takes passion in order to create an audio product that moves our customers forward. We don't simply aim for best-in-class -- we aim for best. With Avante, we break barriers by providing innovative audio engineering at affordable prices. We strive to move with you by creating products that perform far beyond expectation. Avante assures that your audio experience is delivered through a system that is engineered to appear as beautiful as it sounds. By bridging the relationship between user, design, and functionality, Avante provides a unique and attainable user experience. Avante strives to lead the industry with innovative and professional audio solutions at an affordable price. We believe in producing something we are proud to use. Everything we create is made with passion, creativity, and performance in mind. Avante gives more than audio, Avante gives a new way forward



Type:10-inch, 2-way active loudspeaker12-inch, 2-way active loudspeaker15-inch, 2-way active loudspeaker15-inch active subwoofer18-inch active subwoofer
Frequency Range (-10db)70Hz-20kHz60Hz-20kHz45Hz-20kHz35Hz-160Hz35Hz-150Hz
@Nominal Coveraged90° x 60°90° x 60°90° x 60°Omni-direction, cardioidOmni-direction, cardioid
Output (Peak SPL @1M)121dB123dB124dB126dB127dB
Amplifier Power1000 W Dynamic, 250W Class D (LF) +50W Class AB (HF) RMS1200 W Dynamic, 350W Class D (LF) + 50W Class AB (HF) RMS1200 W Dynamic, 350W Class D (LF) + 50W Class AB (HF) RMS1600 W Dynamic, 500W RMS Class D1600 W Dynamic, 500W RMS Class D
Power Consumption400W400W400W600W600W
DSP FeaturesLCD screen with EQ and multiple presetsLCD screen with EQ and multiple presetsLCD screen with EQ and multiple presetsLCD screen with EQ and multiple presetsLCD screen with EQ and multiple presets
Driver Information10” Woofer w/2” Voice Coil. 1” HF Compression Driver12” Woofer w/2.5” Voice Coil. 1.35” HF Compression Driver15” Woofer w/2.5” Voice Coil. 1.35” HF Compression Driver15” Woofer w/ 3" Voice Coil18” Woofer w/ 3" Voice Coil
Input /Output ConnectorsBalanced female XLR/ ¼” combo jack, 2 x RCA (phono). Balanced Male XLR OutputBalanced female XLR /¼” combo jack, 2 x RCA (phono). Balanced Male XLR OutputBalanced female XLR/ ¼” combo jack, 2 x RCA (phono). Balanced Male XLR Output2 x Balanced female XLR/ ¼” combo jacks, 2 x XLR male balanced outputs2 x Balanced female XLR/ ¼” combo jacks, 2 x XLR male balanced outputs
EnclosureH-PP MoldedH-PP MoldedH-PP Molded15mm Plywood15mm Plywood
Grill1.2 mm steel1.2 mm steel1.2 mm steel1.5 mm steel1.5 mm steel
Handles1 Top1 Top, 1 Side1 Top, 1 Side2 side2 side
Fly Points2 Top 1 Back2 Top 1 Back2 Top 1 BackNoneNone
Pole MountingDual position 0° , 7.5°Dual position 0° , 7.5°Dual position 0° , 7.5°Ground StackGround Stack
Power Input115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz (non switchable)115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz (non switchable)115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz (non switchable)115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz (non switchable)115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz (non switchable)
Dimensions (HxWxD)20.9" x 12.2" x 11.8"
(530mm x 310mm x 299mm)
24.7" x 14.4" x 13.9"
(628mm x 365mm x 354mm)
28.7" x 16.7" x 16.3"
(728mm x 425mm x 414mm)
24.1" x 16.9" x 23.9"
(612mm x 430mm x 607mm)
26.1" x 20.1" x 25.5"
(662mm x 510mm x 647mm)
Net Weight25 lbs (11.3 kg)35 lbs (15.9 kg)42 lbs (19.1 kg)57 lbs (25.9 kg)73 lbs (33.1 kg)

On-board DSP

for the best possible sound
DSP INFORMATION (Loadspeakers)
1. Mode:A. NormalB. LiveC. Club4. Speech
2. LOCATION:A. PoleB. MonitorC. Bracket
3. TREBLE:-10dB~ + 10dB
4. BASS:-10dB~ + 10dB
5. LED:A. OffB. OnC. Limit
6. RESET:A. YesB. No
7. INFO:

VOLUME:-80dB~ + 10dB
1. EXIT:Return to system volume panel
2. MODE:A. NormalB. Enforce
3. LOCATION:A. NormalB. CardiodidC. Endfire
4. DELAY:+ - 34 feet / 0 - 10.5 meters
5. POLARITY:A. NormalB. Reverse
E. 150Hz
B. 80Hz
F. A10
C. 100Hz
G. A12
D. 120Hz
H. A15
7. UNIT:A. MetersB. Feet
8. LET:A. OffB. OnC. Limit
9. RESET:A. YesB. No
10. INFO:
11. EXIT:Return to system to volume panel



Avante audio products are designed to take your career to its next level. Fortified with decades of experience in audio solutions, Avante is the launching point for professional-grade audio technologies. Avante believes in producing high-end products at attainable prices in order to provide the greatest possible audio experience for its users. As a result, Avante provides beautiful, reliable, and performant audio solutions that are crafted with the purpose of delivering excellence at an unbelievable value. Avante audio solutions are designed to move forward with you.

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AVANTE Audio Announces Chuck Green as Sales Manager

To coincide with the release of its Achromic Series of high quality active loudspeaker cabinets, AVANTE Audio has announced the appointment of Chuck Green as its Sales Manager. Part of the ADJ Group of Companies, AVANTE Audio is a new professional audio brand born from a passion for audio excellence that is already generating worldwide acclaim.

Having spent most of his life playing music, Chuck Green started out as a sound engineer while still in High School. He provided PA services for live bands at a wide variety of venues and developed a love for the industry that eventually developed into a career. During his twenties, he worked in music stores, managing two different PA departments, and building up a wealth of live audio contacts and experience. He then joined the ADJ Group where he has spent the last 15 years working in a variety of roles, most recently that of International Sales Manager.

Now also taking on the role of Sales Manager for AVANTE Audio, Chuck will be responsible for providing worldwide sales support for the brand. He has already spent the summer demonstrating the new Achromic Series at a variety of trade shows and dedicated Listening Sessions across the USA where the speakers have been enthusiastically received by potential users impressed by their audio quality, advanced features and attractive pricing.

"I have always hoped to help further the ADJ Group's desire to step up into the Pro Audio world,” enthused Chuck. "I have seen how the company has made quality professional products more attainable for working musicians, DJs, production companies and churches, and I think AVANTE is really going to help these core groups of customers reach the next level in audio performance. I can't express how excited I am now that the first Achromic Series units are landing with customers!" Read more...

The Achromic Series speakers offer powerful output, detailed audio clarity, built-in DSP and sleek exterior designs. There are three full-range cabinets in the product line-up – the 10-inch A10, 12-inch A12, and 15-inch A15 – all featuring Bi-Amped, high efficiency fan-cooled Class A/B switching power amps for the highs and potent Class D power amps for the low end. These full range models are complimented by two active DSP-controlled sub options with configurable output directivity. The A15S features a 15-inch woofer, while the A18S is fitted with an 18-inch woofer, and both offer large 3-inch voice coils. Both models also feature a powerful integrated Class D amplifier that delivers an impressive 1600 Watts of power.

"AVANTE Audio is an exciting new division of the ADJ Group of Companies," commented group President, Toby Velazquez. "AVANTE believes in producing high quality audio products – that offer both sonic and aesthetic beauty – at attainable prices. The overwhelmingly positive response from everyone who has heard the Achromic Series so far attests that is exactly what we have achieved. I know that this exceptional new line of active speakers is going to prove hugely popular and I am confident that Chuck Green is perfectly placed to spearhead the establishment of AVANTE within the marketplace. Chuck is a long-standing and highly-valued member of our team who has a wealth of pro audio experience and sales insight that will allow him to fully support our existing, as well as future, AVANTE customer base."

The full Achromic Series is now shipping worldwide and will be available for demonstration at many leading pro audio retailers. AVANTE Audio will also be hosting more dedicated Listening Session events over the coming months to give as many professional audio users as possible the chance to hear the full potential of the Achromic speakers for themselves.

For more information visit: Or find Avante Audio on , or @avanteaudio less

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